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Keeping your lawn perfectly green and healthy might seem like a difficult task, but we’re here to try and help you.

Make sure your garden has the best of starts

Make sure your soil is well fertilized before you even sow your grass seeds, ensuring that the fertilizer is high in long-term nutrients such as phosphate and not to have too much nitrogen. This will give your grass the best of starts.

Weed and moss control for your lawn

The best looking lawns are always free of weeds and moss. Using a weed killer a couple of times a year will help keep them at bay. May is usually the best time to administer the weed and moss control, grab yourself a four in one fertilizer which will not only keep the weeds and moss at bay, but also give your lawn a slow releasing feed all summer long.

Plan a lawn fertilizer program

Draft yourself up a plan for a yearly fertilizer program for your lawn and stick to it the best you can. Set yourself reminders on a calendar of what to buy and what dates to fertilize and each time of year it needs doing.

Throughout the year there are certain fertilizers which benefit that season, for example in spring, get yourself a high nitrogen, quick release fertilizer so your lawn is off to a strong start for the year ahead.

In the colder months find a fertilizer full of potassium, this will make your grass much more resistant to the cold, you should apply this around September to last through to spring.

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Make sure to water your lawn

Grab yourself a sprinkler or a hose pipe so you’re able to reach all parts of your lawn. Always ensure that you water your lawn enough and wait until they begin to dry before watering again, over watering can lead to deeper root systems which can eat up the nutrients in your soil, keep it to a shallow watering to keep the roots shallow.