Grated cheese comes as a welcome tasty addition to all kinds of dishes, but the process behind creating that lovely cheesy dish can be a pain, and we’re not only talking about the grating, but the actual cleaning of the grater once you’ve used it. That fatty, soft cheese can get stuck inside the holes on your grater making it difficult to clean out and you run the risk of cutting yourself.Image result for dirty cheese grater

So obviously your grater needs to be clean to reduce the risk of dirty days or weeks old cheese being stuck in their and ruining your next meal, here’s a handy tip to get it cheese free and ready for your next meal without the fuss.

Lemons are a fantastic cleaning tool!

Have you ever wondered why so many cleaning products use an acidic formula to cut away grease and give off that fresh zesty lemony smell? That’s because the natural properties of a lemon and the acidity reacts to the grease and breaks it up making it easy to wash away.

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All you need to do to use a lemon to de-cheese that grater of yours is to cut it in half, then run the pulp side of the lemon over the grater’s holes as if you’re grating it. Don’t worry if some of the pulp grates off into the holes, just give the lemon some time to work at the cheese and then rinse off with some very hot water.

For the harder to remove, weeks old kind of stuck on cheese, all you need to do is add a little bit of salt to the lemon to give it some roughness, do the same as above by leaving it a while and rinsing to remove the stuck on cheese.