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Even the most organized of moms could use some help in this area, its not easy juggling between what one child is doing when the other two are doing something else that needs your attention, here are a few tips we’ve gathered from some mom’s we surveyed.

1.) Get your children to help out

Make it a game, make it rewarding, whatever you do to getting your kids to help out with some of the chores can be a big help when it comes to everything they can’t do that you need to do, ask them to vacuum the living room while you’re making tea. Or let them do the dishes while you’re wiping down the sides.

2.) Hire as much help as you can afford

There’s no shame in needing to ask for some help when having to juggle home life with work and personal life, whether you hire a babysitter every now and then so you can focus on what you need doing, or a cleaner so you can spend more time with the kids, it all helps and keeps the grey’s away for longer.

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3.) Order things online

Taking the kids out shopping can be a days chore in itself, and not always fun for the kids either. Do an online grocery shop, order their clothes and other things online so you can concentrate on other things like cleaning or spending time with your kids.

4.) Don’t compare yourself to other mothers or your own

It’s easy to over hear how other mother’s are coping well with their children, but what you don’t know is most of the time it’s a front and they’re actually screaming inside. As for comparing your mothering skills to your own mother’s, time’s have changed, there are more distractions for the kids these days, and when you was a kid yourself she was superwoman, did everything for you, and that’s exactly what your kids will think of you when they’ve grown up too.

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5.) Pressure cookers save time for tea time

After a long hard day at work your second hardest job when you get home is to prepare and cook everyone’s meal. Adding a slow cooker to your life makes things 10x easier and faster. You can prepare your food in the morning or the night before, and let the cooker work its magic through the day when you’re at work to have tea ready for when you’re all at home in the evening.

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6.) Sit back and look at your amazing family

As stressful as raising children can be most of the time, you’ve got to appreciate the time you have with them as children, because next thing you know they’re no longer children. So enjoy the time you have with them as they grow, don’t let life’s pressures get you down or interfere with the time you have with your children, and just enjoy it and make sure they’re enjoying the ride too.