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With plants that are potted being so confined they rely on us to keep them healthy, here are a few tips to help feed your plants and maintain their look.

Most compost only provides starter nutrients for your plants, so the best solution is feeding them after 6 weeks of planting them.

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Liquid feeds are much better for your plants because you’re less likely to do harm to the roots this way, solid feeds need to be carefully measured out in order to not over feed them and scorch their roots.

Use the right feed

Diluted liquid tomato feed is perfect for flowering plants, dilute to half or quarter strength before feeding, and high nitrogen feeds are great for leafy plants.

Don’t overfeed

Don’t feed in large, infrequent doses, but instead feed in regular little doses so that they’re never overfed. Do this through the growing season and stop at the end of the hotter months.

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Dilute the feed

Always read the instructions on the feed bottle, they suggest diluting instructions and should be followed so you don’t harm your plants.